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A Look Into Biotechnology

New York, NY

Biotechnology, and its influence on today’s society, are fascinating, but not always talked about. Modern biotechnology today primarily emphasizes medicine and produces medical devices, diagnostics, biomaterials, and more using the knowledge of living organisms. Biotechnologists can pick from a wide range of topics within biotechnology to study and places to pursue a career such as small startups, pharmaceutical companies, and government research agencies. These companies can develop new treatment options for rare and complex diseases, as well as genetic tests to better identify inherited diseases. Other fields of biotechnology can include agriculture, alternative energy, and environmental science.

To enter this field, research, problem-solving techniques, and education are crucial. Many who aim to pursue biotechnology as a potential career earn a degree in a related scientific subject such as biology, biochemistry, microbiology, and more. This process often leads to a master’s degree or Ph.D. in biotechnology, but professional work experience is beneficial as well.

After working towards a degree, students move on to a huge array of careers in biotechnology such as medical science, clinical technology, biomedical engineering, epidemiology, and perhaps genetic counseling. Biotechnologists mainly work in laboratory settings, as they typically assist doctors with various types of research. However, in other fields like agriculture, a biotechnologist can manipulate DNA to produce a crop that can withstand different climates or pests. In cosmetics, biotechnologists try to manipulate microorganisms to produce new pigments or ways to keep skin looking younger. Antibiotics, genetic testing, genome mapping, and artificial tissue growth are among the most well-known products of biotechnology. However, vaccines have been very prominent recently and were also produced partially using biotechnology.

Those interested in studying medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and even a field such as environmental science should consider a career in biotechnology. Becoming a biotechnologist requires many complex skills, but biotechnologists are essential to advancing modern society and scientific research on a global scale.

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