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An Introduction to Medical Specialties

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

— New York, NY

Some students who are interested in medicine know what specialty they want to enter, but the amount of career choices can feel overwhelming to others. Each medical specialty is intriguing in its own way, so it is no surprise that many find it hard to pick one. Intrigued students have come to the right place: Find out about what specialties are and what their doctors do!

Internal Medicine

Doctors working in Internal Medicine (also called Internists or Physicians) prevent and manage illnesses of all kinds. This includes both common and rare illnesses such as cancer, infections, and diseases, at the doctor’s office and the hospital. Physicians have extensive knowledge of primary care and wellness and often act as consultants to other specialties. They perform health screenings, manage patients, and diagnose and care for medical conditions.


Neurologists deal with disorders in the nervous system, which includes diagnosing and treating diseases in the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. They treat patients who have conditions such as headaches, seizures, and Alzheimer’s disease. This speciality is closely linked to psychiatry. Most of neurology involves consultation, but neurologists can also be the main doctor.

General Surgery

General Surgery may sound self-explanatory, but this discipline involves a variety of areas. These surgeons focus on organs like the stomach, intestines, and liver, but their job requires a broad understanding of the surgical specialties and comprehension of anatomy, nutrition, and intensive care. They are trained to operate on almost any area of the body and are additionally involved in pre-op and post-op care.

They use a variety of techniques and instruments during diagnosis and procedures, so general surgeons need to be quick-thinking and agile.

Students considering a career in medicine may feel discouraged by the amount of information, but there is no need to be! Medicine is an extremely unique STEM career and has jobs like no other. It may take research, but there is a specialty that fits each person who wants to work as a doctor.


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