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The Future of Health Technology

– New York, NY

Our world is constantly evolving, and the health field is no exception. Biomedical engineering, or BME, a topic that combines engineering and health sciences to advance medical technology, has only recently emerged as its own field of study. In order to complete these advances, biomedical engineers work with math, science, and medicine. Biomedical engineers are developing artificial organs and new medical devices using technology, which could both be huge steps for the progress of health technology. Those are only a few examples of what biomedical engineers are capable of!

Aside from the previously mentioned aspects, biomedical engineering deals with a wide variety of topics such as medical imaging, clinical engineering, active medical devices, and biomedical signal processing. In their engineering design process, biomedical engineers uniquely use their knowledge of biological principles and even aspects of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering.

Similarly, there are a variety of different ways to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineers generally work in areas related to research and development, but there are many different branches of biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineers can do nearly anything that pertains to the field, even including law surrounding new BME developments. Many biomedical engineers choose to study medicine in its own right as well as biomedical engineering, taking a specific focus in an area such as stem cell repair or biomaterials.

The revolutionary advances produced by biomedical engineering are becoming extremely valuable for the way that society practices medicine and the healthcare system as a whole. The development of medical devices has even helped to improve the quality of human life and physician care. Considering biomedical engineering’s interdisciplinary nature, new innovations are constantly being discovered in every aspect. The complex and rewarding field of biomedical engineering will definitely continue to expand!

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