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Leadership vs. Bossmanship: The Difference?

Houston, TX Arianna Paredes


Leadership, bossmanship, sound similar, right? Both are roles of managing people, set to reach an objective, and are essential factors for decision-making. Though, the difference? In each, the mindset and action are indeed unique. There are countless comparisons and contrasts, but the true variation is the mindset.

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Guidance: Inspiration and motivation are the spotlighted role models for a leader. They are prepared to conduct by communication, knowing the people are critical to the target’s success. Bosses, in contrast, pressure and push their employees to follow an unclear path. Leaders tend to be immersive, set goals and expectations to guide their peers. Bosses have a certain brick of isolation, blocking useful advice, which unfortunately causes displeasing actions and results.


Equality & Respect: Good leaders rely on his/her connections to actively bring people on the topic and treat all equally. Bosses, on the other hand, have domination over the meeting. He/She expects his/her employees to follow commands and usually disregards any employee’s request or comment because they believe they know everything. This surely brings negativity to the environment, people need to be valued and have a voice! Sometimes, a boss might pick a favorite employee, investing more time in him/her.


Growth & Challenges: Leaders are open-minded. When the time comes to comment on wrongdoing, leaders will privately provide criticism that enables greater growth and development of the individual. Bosses tend to scold in public, which brings embarrassment and guilt. Leaders are there to provide feedback as a learning experience and indirectly direct them to the right path. True leaders know the use of fear will not resolve anything, instead, they establish a sense of mutual respect.

Between bossmanship and leadership, it is true, there is a vast distinction. However, being part of the community is most important when leading a group of people. Be ready for times of failure, times of growth, and times of success. In times of failure, leaders should be there to comfort and uplift their employees to motivate them to keep going.


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