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STEM·E magazine

STEME Magazine, Huey, the STEME Mascot. The STEME Youth Career Development Program provides STEM education (Science Technology Engineering and Math) to kids & teens and cultivates Young Entrepreneurs through our stem program and youth entrepreneurship program. Through our specialized STEAM workshops and STEM classes, we provide STEM activities, STEM projects, STEM curriculum, STEM learning, and STEM resources as part of our after school program (afterschool program). Our Youth entrepreneurship curriculum, entrepreneur bootcamp and 3 day startup workshop provide entrepreneur classes to teach kids to turn inventions, invention ideas, and kid designs into a kid business and teen business, turning kids & teens into kid entrepreneurs and teen entrepreneurs. We provide programming in Houston, TX, online, virtual, and US, United States.

Vol 05 | Issue 03

May 2024

"Astronomy and Space Exploration"

Vol 05 | Issue 01

March 2024

"Women In STEM"

Vol 04 | Issue 11

December 2023

"Careers in STEM"

Vol 04 | Issue 09

October 2023

"The Wonderful World of Space"

Vol 04 | Issue 07

August 2023

"Facts or Myths: Science Edition"

Vol 04 | Issue 05

June 2023

"World Changing Technology"

Vol 05 | Issue 02

April 2024

"Computational Science"

Vol 05 | Issue 00

February 2024

"Coming Back from Break"

Vol 04 | Issue 10

November 2023

"The Not-So Secret World of Animals"

Vol 04 | Issue 08

September 2023

"Medicine and Medications"

Vol 04 | Issue 06

July 2023

"Dissecting Disabilities with STEM.E"

Vol 04 | Issue 04

May 2023

"Science Behind Health Disorders"

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