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A Look Into Marine Biology

– New York, NY

Fish swimming through deep ocean waters as the sun shines down from above

Earth’s oceans are amazingly unique and distinctly fascinating. Even more fascinating are the creatures that inhabit the oceans, which vary in everything from size to behavior. Those interested in studying the marine organisms themselves should consider a career in marine biology. Marine biologists can pick from a wide range of specialized topics within marine biology to study, ranging from different species, groups, and behaviors. Marine science itself is key to improving our knowledge of the ocean and its potential in order to create a better world for all who inhabit it.

In order to enter the field of marine biology, research, experience, and education is important. Many who aim to pursue marine biology as a career earn a degree in a related subject, often leading to a graduate degree or PhD in Marine Science. While working towards a degree, many aspiring marine biologists also volunteer and work with animals at places like aquariums or animal shelters.

Although marine biology refers specifically to the study of plants and animals that live within seawater, it is often used as an umbrella term to refer to people whose work involves the ocean in some way. Some more specific jobs are microbiologists who study microscopic organisms and ichthyologists who study fish.

Marine biologists also work in a variety of different settings. Some work within the oceans themselves, scuba diving, working on a boat, or even on a submarine. However, there are just as many marine biologists that work from the shore or within a lab. There are even some who collect specimens and take them back to a lab for further research.

As Earth’s growing population causes new difficulties for humans, our oceans can help us sustain human needs and provide new technology and resources such as renewable energy. For the future generations, new marine biologists will be able to expand on new innovations and continue to improve on how we can better support humans and the environment. Becoming a marine biologist can be challenging, but marine biologists and scientists are integral to our oceans and the life within.

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