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The Multiverse

Sewickley, PA
multiverse, multiverse theory, multiverse theories, science fiction, science
There could be an infinite amount of earths.

We’ve all seen the movies that show theories about the multiverse, but could they be true? The answer is, possibly. Although there has not been direct proof about the existence of a multiverse, there hasn’t been any evidence that proves otherwise. The theory of the multiverse suggests that there are multiple universes, not just ours. The first person to ever suggest the possibility of a multiverse was a Princeton grad named Hugh Evertt. He first theorized it in 1954, and later, the theory became more popular. It eventually was introduced in books and movies.

One of the more recent theories of the multiverse is shown in the Marvel movie Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. This movie theorizes that dreams connect the multiverse. This theory is possible, because no evidence proves it wrong. Dreams may actually be glimpses of another universe.

Another one of these multiverse theories proposes that the shape of space-time is flat , and it infinitely stretches out, but since it is going on forever, it must start repeating at some point. That’s where the multiverse part plays in. This theory is known as the “Infinite Universe” theory. Since particles can be rearranged in an infinite amount of ways, this could be possible.

multiverse, multiverse theory, multiverse theories, science fiction, science
The multiverse theory is becoming more popular everyday.

Another theory of the multiverse is known as Parallel universes. It theorizes that there are multiple universes, they are just out of reach. Although another theory suggests that universes aren’t parallel nor out of reach, they sometimes slam into each other, causing the universes to reset.

There are a lot more theories about the multiverse, such as the bubble theory, the daughter universe theory, and the mathematical universe theory. As many scientists try to decode the secrets of the multiverse, hopefully we will find the truth behind it one day.

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