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The Black Hole Pictured

Charlotte, NC

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of pointing our gaze towards outer space, a glance could hold a million stars. Whether we’re picturing the earth or outer space there’s no doubt the immortalization of a photograph has had a world-changing impact on what we know and what we can learn from it.


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The First Picture of a Black Hole


Many great scientists and physicists such as John Michell, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking progressed society’s understanding of the gravitational forces that are black holes.

From our understanding of the collapsing of certain stars the scientific community has already theorized the creation of the black holes themselves.

For the first time in 2019 a team of global researchers captured a revolutionary picture of a black hole. Through a combination of telescopic radio observatories, the bases across the United States, Chile, Spain and Antarctica, the image was developed and published for the entire world to view. While that amazing advancement stood as its own accomplishment, we can now look forward to the greater insight. Viewing black holes would give into human knowledge of space.

For example, the first picture taken of outer space was taken in 1946 which then prompted the first venture into outer space. Then the first pictures of mars were produced in 1976 and the mars rover followed in 1997. The viewing of these new planes of reality allowed for a greater human interaction with outer space itself.

A greater surveillance and understanding of black holes could be a gateway to a comprehensive understanding of space and time itself. The further understanding of black holes could give insight into what our universe is made of, but further theorizing about its creation and in the case of our first picture of a black hole, a photo could catapult us into a new universe of knowledge.

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