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How to Celebrate National STEM Day

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

–Houston, TX

National STEM Day is approaching quickly! On November 8th, people all around the world celebrate the many accomplishments that have been made in STEM. National STEM Day encourages children of all ages to pursue their interests and explore future careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Here are a few suggestions of how to appreciate and celebrate STEM!

Research a New STEM Topic

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STEM is an ever-growing field. As our knowledge of the world around us continues to grow, there is always more to learn. One topic to research this upcoming STEM Day is climate and the environment. This topic is on the rise as we look for new ways to care for our Earth during a period of global warming and pollution. Another beneficial research topic could be recent vaccine improvements, such as using mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines. Because of Covid's impact on our way of life, staying educated about new medical technology is more important than ever.

Learn about an Influential Person in STEM

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Another fun activity could be discovering a new role model in the STEM field. Whether it be appreciating the discoveries of early chemists or wondering at the new discoveries of mathematicians, there are empowering figures from all time periods in all STEM fields.

Hands-on Activities

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Activities are a crucial part of learning in STEM. Personal experiences enhance our learning and an experiment could be a great way to spend the day learning something new. Students interested in science could make a volcano with baking soda, while students who want to pursue technology could try making a coin battery.

Visit Museums

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Visiting a museum is another fun activity for National STEM Day. Students interested in space could visit one of the many NASA centers for a deeper look at aerospace technology and astronomy exhibits. Students who enjoy biology might visit a natural science museum to explore fossils of extinct creatures, such as dinosaurs.

There are many STEM-related activities to do on National STEM Day, but the most important thing to do on this STEM day is to have fun and stay curious!

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