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STEM-E Interns ponder - What Is The Key To Solving Life's Problems

Hyderabad, India

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Life’s problems range endlessly with every individual depending on priorities, circumstances, goals, etc. Here's a dive into the psychology and mindset of various school and college going students as they answer one of the most open-minded, sought after questions. We asked a handful of our STEM-E interns - “What is the key to solving life’s problems?”

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Life's problems don't escape anyone

Ragha Donthireddy, Volunteer Coordinator

"I think the key to solving life's problems is having the mindset that you can persevere through hardships, rather than getting discouraged when something doesn't go the right way. Problem-solving skills and an optimistic mindset can be the main components that can assist in one's determination. It is important to be able to work your way around obstacles of life as well as having hope to accompany the willingness to do so. It all depends on whether the person is really willing to do something or go through the ups, and of course the downs, to reach their goal. The ability to either move on and accept the situation, or try to fix it in a logical way can also be a prominent factor in solving life's problems. I don't think all of life's problems can be solved, but it is worth a try to resolve ones that truly impact a person."

Mathias Parris, Ambassador

"I believe, personally, that the key to life's problems is a good support group- whether that be your friends, your family, or others. Having people to bounce ideas off of and get support from is often more than enough to deal with those problems."

Diya, Discord Moderator and Programmer

"Patience is the key. No matter how big the problem is, patience is the way to solve the problem."

Aiden Matt, Ambassador and Podcaster

"The key to solving life’s problems is understanding there will always be problems. Whenever you solve problems you get new upgraded problems. So what do you do? You look at them as challenges instead of obstacles, which force you to think and grow. The key to solving life’s problems is realizing they will always be there, and that’s the first step."

Shreejal Paudel, Social Media Marketer and Programmer

"The key to solving life’s problems is to take small steps and not focus on the “bigger picture”. Let’s say I have a big problem with procrastinating homework, and I need to fix it somehow. To solve that, in my opinion, the best approach to go about it would not be to think about how to get this entire assignment done, but just how to start it off. Just by opening a google doc and typing the title, you get that sudden rush of a small amount of dopamine, which motivates you further on. It is the same thing with getting over being lazy and feeling unmotivated as well. After waking up, if you just make your bed and go get freshen up on time, then you will feel like you have accomplished something and have taken steps to be productive for the day, which will end up motivating you for a longer periods of time compared to you not doing anything at all and being lazy on your bed all day. The starting off with small things can also be applied to other things as well. Many psychologists use this technique to help their patients cope with certain things. It’s mostly minimal encouragement where the doctor asks the patient the simplistic things so they appear as “friendly” and are trusted more by the patient. By doing this small step, it opens the door for the patient to build better connections and possibly help them solve their emotional problems with their therapist."

Problems, hindrances, complications and obstacles are all part of life. Solving them, looking ahead and moving on is the art of life. Viewing this art from different viewpoints, different narratives from people going through uncountable different things gives much needed perspective to anyone looking for a little guidance in life.

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