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A World Without Artificial Intelligence

Houston, TX

Don’t you ever wonder how our computer processes our problems and gives us a solution? Well, we have artificial intelligence to thank for this. Even basic tasks such as searching for movies on Netflix would be a hassle. To put it simply, artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, is the ability for human intelligence to be inputted into a computer algorithm and the problem be solved, troubleshooted, or data be outputted.

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Artificial Intelligence Robots solving Complex problems more efficiently

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are only limited by our own imagination, as AI outperforms the human mind by quite a lot. A common fear is that AI or robots will take over the workforce, and unfortunately, this is true. A 2020 World Economic Forum report states, “Robotics and automation of AI would displace 85 Million jobs globally in the coming five years”. Although this will cause major job displacement, its ability to perform such complex tasks more efficiently will advance technology to completely new limits. Technology will become more powerful than ever before.

In today’s society, however, artificial technology is essential for growth. For example, many of us can’t live comfortably without our phones. Without social media, marketing would be a challenge for companies. Communication would also still be via old mailing systems. Instead of Amazon Prime’s two-day guaranteed shipping, delivering goods would take weeks due to consumer demand. Traveling would be much harder due to less advanced airplanes, long security queues, and much more lost baggage. Fatal accidents would increase due to the poor quality of stoplights and car malfunctions. While it’s true AI may be a curse, it is also a great blessing.

Tesla,Cars,Artificial intelligence,Self driving, driving, future driving
Tesla A.I. identifies road signs, intersections, lanes, and other vehicles

One of the most popular AI developments currently is Tesla’s AI autonomous vehicle driving system. While this is still an idea under development, and it is not necessary to society, it will make traffic flow more efficient. As the development of full self-driving capabilities grows on standard vehicles, the world around us will shift to a more AI-dependent society. While shipping goods will become more efficient, there are cons. There will be fewer jobs available in the manufacturing and shipping industry because of the lack of need for human intelligence. Even the smallest improvements enable us to shift to an increasingly modern society.

Despite the risks, artificial intelligence has put us at ease in terms of safety, financial security, and our social lives. Although the loss of jobs due to artificial intelligence is an issue, AI is essential to move forward in this current modern-day society. Without AI, the modern world would fall apart completely due to the heavy demands to keep up with the growing population. AI is truly a gift and will advance our society beyond our wildest dreams.

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