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New Month, New Project: STEME Volunteers Update

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

— New York, NY

From Digital Graphics to Tutoring, STEM⋅E’s volunteer teams are working harder than ever. Whether formulating new initiatives or working on projects, these volunteers are sure to impress with their hard work. Nmesoma, Iris, Sophie, and Derek Chen are all part of different teams within STEM⋅E. However, each team is working on equally interesting projects and developing their team as a whole.

STEME Instagram Example Post
One of STEME's Instagram posts

Nmesoma has been helping to create new content for STEM⋅E as she considers a career in STEM as a pediatrician and work as an entrepreneur. As a member of the Instagram team, Nmesoma and her team create posts, polls, and reels for STEM⋅E’s official Instagram account. Over the past few months, the Instagram team has split into the Creating and Posting teams to allow for a more balanced workload. In the future, Nmesoma and her team plan to expand their brand and create new themes that make STEM⋅E’s instagram stand out.

A Halloween-themed STEME logo of a light bulb that is made to look scary
STEM⋅E's new Halloween-themed logo!

The STEM⋅E digital graphics team also creates a variety of STEM⋅E content. Iris and her team design and create art for STEM⋅E magazines, projects, websites, and more to promote STEM⋅E. For the past few months, the team has been designing logos for STEM⋅E’s new projects and Halloween shirts in the STEM⋅E Trivia Fundraiser. The team intends to help as much as possible with creating more designs for future projects. In addition to Iris's interest in graphics, she is also interested in other arts such as acting and singing.

In a different area of STEM⋅E’s volunteering, the Tutoring team’s president Sophie has been working towards beginning volunteer-based tutoring for underprivileged students. As she is interested in teaching and in math, she is considering a future career as a math professor and has been exploring this possibility through her work as a part of the Tutoring team. In the past few months, Sophie and her team have been working on organizing their program and recruiting students and tutors.

Development team's online workspace
The Map App Development Team's workspace

Lastly, Derek and the Map App Development team have been working on developing a map based app for Android and iOS. This app will be used to help parents and event managers easily manage their own STEM-related events. Derek’s interest in Computer Science and his enjoyment of the creation of “something out of nothing” comes into play through his team’s use of Figma, a graphics development software, to map out their application. In the future, the Map App Development team wants to move onto other STEME-related apps and publish them. Building on his experiences as a member of the team at STEM⋅E, Derek is considering majoring in Computer Science.

Although their days are becoming increasingly busy as the year goes on, Nmesoma, Iris, Sophie, Derek as well as the other volunteers at STEM⋅E are contributing to STEM⋅E’s growth and impacting STEM education. Their experiences as members of STEM⋅E’s volunteer department will undeniably impact them and their futures. There are undoubtedly great things in store for the volunteers-- and for STEM⋅E.

For those interested in making an impact alongside Nmesoma, Iris, Sophie, and Derek, fill out our Internship Interest Form here:

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