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The Science Behind Linguistics

New York, NY

Although it is pretty evident that languages are a vital form of communication worldwide, it is not expected that one explores how language goes beyond what society expects.

Looking more into linguistics and its various benefits, the general term can often be known as “the scientific study of language” and delves into the specifics behind communicative codes, especially human behaviors that still leave scientists an abundance of questions (e.g., the language of immigrants, how bilinguals select one language versus another in a particular situation, etc.). It is also used to comprehend different cultures. Like economics, linguistics can also be broken down into micro linguistics and macro linguistics. The main difference is that macro linguistics primarily draws upon language in a broader context by researching how language overall affects civilizations. In contrast, micro linguistics focuses on minor characteristics like grammar, syntax, and phonology.

Those in business can see how language plays a crucial role in contacts, and politicians can connect how language came about in the past to relate it better to current events today. Since linguistics is considered a human social science, some unique subtopics within this field include phonetics and pragmatics. The former studies how speech sounds are executed, and the latter describes the relationship between language signs and users.

To enter this field of linguistics, cross-cultural skills, research skills, analytical skills, and patience are essential abilities a person should possess. Most of the time, those who pursue a career in this industry earn a bachelor’s degree in linguistics or perhaps another related field such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, or even communication studies. As some may want to take about three to four years to pursue a career as a linguist, the experience of translating texts is also beneficial, depending on the country. Engagement in a new language will also be helpful throughout this journey.

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