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Encryption and Decryption: A Security Method

Updated: Jan 10

Katy, TX

The encryption and decryption process is the backbone that the modern web is built on. A key reason for implementing an encryption-decryption system is privacy. It is necessary to monitor the access of unauthorized organizations or individuals to information transmitted over the Internet. Encryption is the process by which information is transformed into secret code that hides the meaning of the information. Decryption is the process of restoring encrypted information to its original form. The science of encrypting and decrypting information is called Cryptography.

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Using passwords to be secure

With encryption, data is secured for transmission both externally and internally, providing many benefits to security. In general, encryption is gaining wider adoption. It protects against brute-force attacks and cyber-attacks as well as malware and ransomware damage to files.

A method of encryption can be discussed in two ways: as an application and as an algorithm. In applications, differences typically revolve around how encryption and decryption keys are shared between people who encrypt and decrypt messages. As for algorithmic differences, they are determined by the method employed for scrambling the message or data. The size of encryption keys is measured in bits, which represent the amount of memory they occupy. For example, a 64-bit key takes 64 bits, a 128-bit key takes 128 bits, etc. As mentioned, a key strength is typically measured by key length. Breaking larger encryption like 256-bit encryption takes billions of years; a longer key is exponentially harder to break.

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Methodology of cryptography

In contrast, decryption is the process of converting encrypted data back into its original form. It is generally a reverse encryption process.

The process of decryption consists of decoding encrypted data in such a way that only those with access to the secret key or password can decrypt the data.

Finally, secure communication can be achieved through encrypting messages with sorting techniques. As part of a recent study, a direct substitution, fast, and secure message passing system is developed by researchers to enhance transmission performance through sorting algorithms, which enable fast and secure encryption.

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