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Artificial Intelligence

Jessup, MD

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as intelligence that is demonstrated by machines instead of by humans. AI is a component of technology that is usually referred to as machine learning. AI programs work by consuming large amounts of data, analyzing the data to look for patterns, and making predictions based on the found patterns. AI programming focuses on the cognitive skills of learning, reasoning, self-correction, and creativity.

Christopher Strachey, who later served as the director of the Programming Research Group at the University of Oxford, created the first effective AI software in 1951.

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His program was able to finish a checkers game at a reasonable pace. Drones, self-driven cars, and assembly line robots are modern implementations of artificial intelligence. AI is highly significant because it has altered how we live, work, and play. Automation of human jobs including customer service, leadership development, fraud detection, and quality control has been utilized effectively in business with the help of AI. AI is able to perform better than humans in a number of areas. Namely repetitive and detailed tasks such as analyzing legal documents.

Many large corporations have started to implement AI into their daily lives. For example, AI is used in Google’s search engine. AI is good at detail-oriented tasks, reducing time on tasks that require a lot of data, increasing productivity, saving labor, maintaining consistency, and always being available.

There are some disadvantages to AI as there are with all technology. AI can be quite expensive. According to analysts and technologists, training a large language model like GPT-3 might cost over $4 million. AI requires immense technical expertise to develop. Arguably one of the biggest issues is how AI eliminates human jobs. This consequently gives rise to unemployment rates.

To sum it up, AI is becoming increasingly important in our society, therefore, it is important that we inform ourselves about how it works, and its pros and cons.



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