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We offer kids & teens (elementary, middle-school and high-school students) unique business opportunities to learn about STEM & Entrepreneurship from the Experts! Browse our events in: 

Robotics, Engineering, STEM PhD, Computer Programming, Space, Medicine, and Entrepreneurship.

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The STEM·E Youth Career Development Program mobilizes the extensive opportunities of our curriculum to educate and inspire students to explore business practices, analyze complex challenges, and take the first steps in becoming entrepreneurial leaders who will impact the global community.

Our hands-on business programs allow our youth to:

Build a framework for understanding varying business strategies

Learn about key strategic issues across different businesses landscapes

Develop an understanding for business campaigns in analyzing results  

Recognize challenges involved in business & entrepreneurship

Unique business opportunities offered by stem·e

Our STEM·E business programs for students provide youth with the opportunity to kick-start their future in learning about the field of business and turning ideas into reality. 

Through effective entrepreneurial minded learning, students will be able to develop a "business mindset" that will help them succeed beyond the classroom.

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