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STEM·E Chapters is a collaboration between the STEM·E Youth Career Development Program and college students, who are high-achieving, highly-motivated, passionate students, driven to given back to their communities.  We work directly with college students to develop a collegiate club/program to cater to giving back to youth through STEM and Entrepreneurship events, mentoring, tutoring and more. STEM·E Chapters further our mission to bring awareness and enhance access to STEM and entrepreneurship opportunities while personally building a world they envision.

This program is on-going. For more information, See below on How to Begin

STEM·E Chapter
PrograM Development & Mentorship

STEM·E Chapters is a collegiate-based school club, driven to give back to local communities through the development of K-12 STEM and Entrepreneurship workshops, events, tutoring, mentoring, and whatever else, the Chapter believes will positively impact their local youth. STEM·E will support Chapter development through expert mentorship and guidance.  Chapters will also be provided with necessary resources and speakers/experts to ensure efficacy and sustainability. We help you build the world you wish to see!

Promoting STEM·E opportunities

STEM·E Chapters help compile and manage a list of STEM and Entrepreneurship opportunities within and outside their school.  Chapter help launch and advertise these opportunities to K-12 youth within their community to help enhance access and education in STEM·E programs across their communities.

Are you interested in starting a STEM·E  Chapter in your college?  Email STEM·E at INFO@STEME.ORG to learn more and get your questions answered.

We look forward to working with you to help educate and engage K-12 students in STEM and Entrepreneurship.

Let's cultivate the youth of today to become the Entrepreneurs and STEM Leaders of tomorrow!


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