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STEM·E Ambassador Program. The STEME Youth Career Development Program provides STEM education (Science Technology Engineering and Math) to kids & teens and cultivates Young Entrepreneurs through our stem program and youth entrepreneurship program. Through our specialized STEAM workshops and STEM classes, we provide STEM activities, STEM projects, STEM curriculum, STEM learning, and STEM resources as part of our after school program (afterschool program). Our Youth entrepreneurship curriculum, entrepreneur bootcamp and 3 day startup workshop provide entrepreneur classes to teach kids to turn inventions, invention ideas, and kid designs into a kid business and teen business, turning kids & teens into kid entrepreneurs and teen entrepreneurs.

STEM·E ambassador program

The Ambassador Program is a collaboration between the STEM·E Youth Career Development Program and high-achieving, highly-motivated, passionate young students that are driven to build their own STEM·E venture in their schools.  We work directly with students to assess their STEM and Entrepreneurship Interests and develop an after-school club/program to cater to their passions. Student STEM·E Ambassadors further our mission to bring awareness and enhance access to STEM and entrepreneurship opportunities while personally building a world they envision.

This program is on-going. For more information, See below on How to Participate

STEM·E Club/PrograM Development & Mentorship

Student Ambassadors assess their STEM and Entrepreneurship Interests and develop a school club, workshop series, after-school program, competition, competition teams, non-profit organization, or for-profit organization around their passions. STEM·E will help Ambassadors foster the development of these programs through expert mentorship and guidance.  Clubs will also be provided with necessary resources and speakers/experts to help develop their school club. We help you build the world you wish to see!

Promoting STEM·E opportunities

Student Ambassadors help compile and manage a list of STEM and Entrepreneurship opportunities within and outside their school.  Ambassadors help advertise these opportunities to their fellow classmates to help enhance access and education in STEM·E programs across their communities.

Are you interested in becoming a STEM·E  Ambassador or bringing a STEM·E club into your school?  Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form below and select STEME Ambassador.

For questions: 


For more information, download the Ambassador Program Presentation.  We look forward to working with you to help educate and engage K-12 students in STEM and Entrepreneurship.

Let's cultivate the youth of today to become the Entrepreneurs and STEM Leaders of tomorrow!


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