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STEM·E Ambassador Program. The STEME Youth Career Development Program provides STEM education (Science Technology Engineering and Math) to kids & teens and cultivates Young Entrepreneurs through our stem program and youth entrepreneurship program. Through our specialized STEAM workshops and STEM classes, we provide STEM activities, STEM projects, STEM curriculum, STEM learning, and STEM resources as part of our after school program (afterschool program). Our Youth entrepreneurship curriculum, entrepreneur bootcamp and 3 day startup workshop provide entrepreneur classes to teach kids to turn inventions, invention ideas, and kid designs into a kid business and teen business, turning kids & teens into kid entrepreneurs and teen entrepreneurs.

STEM·E ambassador program

The Ambassador Program is a collaboration between the STEM·E Youth Career Development Program and high-achieving, highly-motivated, passionate young students that are driven to build their own STEM·E venture in their schools.  We work directly with students to assess their STEM and Entrepreneurship Interests and develop an after-school club/program to cater to their passions. Student STEM·E Ambassadors further our mission to bring awareness and enhance access to STEM and entrepreneurship opportunities while personally building a world they envision.

This program is on-going. For more information, See below on How to Participate

STEM·E Club/PrograM Development & Mentorship

Student Ambassadors assess their STEM and Entrepreneurship Interests and develop a school club, workshop series, after-school program, competition, competition teams, non-profit organization, or for-profit organization around their passions. STEM·E will help Ambassadors foster the development of these programs through expert mentorship and guidance.  Clubs will also be provided with necessary resources and speakers/experts to help develop their school club. We help you build the world you wish to see!

Promoting STEM·E opportunities

Student Ambassadors help compile and manage a list of STEM and Entrepreneurship opportunities within and outside their school.  Ambassadors help advertise these opportunities to their fellow classmates to help enhance access and education in STEM·E programs across their communities.

Are you interested in becoming a STEM·E  Ambassador or bringing a STEM·E club into your school?  Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form below and select STEME Ambassador.

For questions: 


For more information, download the Ambassador Program Presentation.  We look forward to working with you to help educate and engage K-12 students in STEM and Entrepreneurship.

Let's cultivate the youth of today to become the Entrepreneurs and STEM Leaders of tomorrow!


  • Where are we headquartered?
    Our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Are we a certified non-profit organization?
    Yes! We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.
  • How do I get started?
    Fill out the interest form . Within 24 hours of filling out, you will receive an email with a link to sign up for a STEM•E Orientation. You must attend an orientation to pursue an internship at STEM•E. In this one-hour meeting you will receive information about internship requirements and our Discord server along with being introduced to the roles you have shown interest in. Feel free to join our Discord Server as you are waiting to attend an orientation! Our server aims to drive professional and student engagement in STEAM careers and topics. (Discord is our main form of communication at STEM•E. You must have a Discord account in order to begin your internship.) Download the app and sign up using a phone number or email Click on Discord invite link to join the server Please make sure to change your server nickname to your legal name so we know who you are! Once you join our server, you will have access to Discord tutorials to help you better navigate our server. You are also able to reach out to the volunteer coordinators with any questions.
  • Do I have to live in Houston, TX to be an intern?
    No, you do not have to live in the Houston, TX area to be an intern. Our goal is to make our internship accessible for all students! However, if you do live in the Houston, TX area, kindly consider being an in-person volunteer.
  • Are there any benefits of doing STEM•E, and if so, what are they?
    Some benefits include learning proper management and coordination skills as this is essentially a JOB in which one can learn all sorts of soft, transferable skills. Additionally, volunteer hours and letters of recommendations are given. Overall, project management, professional development, volunteer hours, professional skills, letter of recommendation, and much more can be taken from joining STEM•E.
  • How many roles can I pursue in the internship? Is there a limit?
    You can pursue as many roles as you want but be careful! All new interns are limited to one to two roles. Once you are comfortable with your internship, you are free to join however many roles you would like. Please remember that each role requires at least 2 hours per week. If you are unable to attend meeting times and engage with your team as well as tasks, you will be removed from the role.
  • What have past interns said about STEM•E?
    "Thank you for letting me join... I've learned management and leadership skills from you during my short time in the program. Last year, combining my learnings from leaders like you and my experiences, I managed a team of more than 20 people in my service learning "Women Shape the World" and received a Student Service Leader award from the Association of International Schools of Africa. I am currently enrolled in Environmental Studies at the University of Ottawa. I hope to be able to use my knowledge and skills once again to serve the community. Thank you again for your inspiration." "I...wanted to let you know you've been a great mentor and a major reason for my success in my current office internships. My learnings working at STEME have aided me in almost every internship or course I've taken since, be it Hootsuite, Asana, Mailchimp, Volunteer tracking, etc., and I have you to thank for all the unparalleled experience you brought me." "All I have is gratitude and appreciation for the effort and time you put to help me grow :). I will be taking the time to write down the lessons you provided and reflect on them whenever I face a problem in the future with myself, a team, or a business. It means a lot considering how much I undervalued the supportive people around me when I had big communities around me and how those communities/environments changed overtime. Here are some updates I wanted to give you regarding my growth: I grew my business and made a bunch of mistakes, while learning about new systems and routines to allow it to evolve."
  • Is experience necessary to join?
    Experience is not necessary to join, however after attending several meetings and gaining experience as to how your role/roles work, you can start to collaborate and work by yourself. Additionally, feel free to ask the team lead any questions in case!
  • How can I log my hours that I spend interning?
    You can log your volunteer hours in the Time Sheet located in our Discord server once you are added to your roles (channels designated to your roles - when you officially begin your internship). Please make sure to log your hours in the Time Sheet if you would like to request a letter of verification for volunteer hours and/or apply for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. We do not track your hours and logging your hours is not a requirement. This Time Sheet is simply for you and your needs!
  • Is this a paid internship?
    No, but you are able to receive volunteer hours for the time you spend on the internship.
  • What does it mean to be an intern?
    Interns at STEM•E are able to gain professional experience and critical skills to further their STEAM endeavors through accessible STEAM opportunities. As an intern, you are able to work in a team/role of your interest and equip yourself with project management and soft skills to boost your resume as well as career success. We aim to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow! Please treat your internship as a job. The more effort that you commit to your internship, the more fruitful it will be!
  • What does an intern do?
    We have various roles and teams you are able to take part in depending on your interests. As an intern you will work with your team to further progress our mission at STEM•E to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow through professional experiences of their STEAM interests.
  • Do you get volunteer hours through this internship?
    Yes! Additionally, if you earn enough volunteer hours during a calendar year, you may also be eligible to receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). More information can be found here.
  • What is the minimum time commitment?
    2 to 5 hours per week are required for each role.
  • What if I can’t attend the meetings due to a recurring conflict or time zone difference (international interns)?
    If this is a recurring issue, most likely you should pursue a different role, as you only have three strikes to miss meetings. However, you can address any problem and talk with your team lead to decide what can be done.
  • How can I leave a role?
    You can leave a role by pinging your team lead and asking them to be removed. You must inform your team lead at least 2 weeks prior to your leave.
  • Who can I reach out to if I have any questions or concerns?
    You can reach out to your team leads, the intern managers, or volunteer coordinators by pinging them or sending a direct message through Discord.
  • What is the PVSA?
    The Presidential Volunteer Service Award recognizes volunteers who have dedicated a significant amount of their time to volunteering. You can find more information about this award here.
  • Who is eligible?
    To be eligible for this award, you must either be a US resident, a US Green Card holder, or a US Citizen.
  • How can I earn it?
    The PVSA can be earned through STEM•E YCDP, as we are a certified non-profit organization.
  • How are hours validated for this award?
    Hours in the calendar year are validated for the award.
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